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I am very pleased to welcome you to the Pinnacle Water Expo Centre, the premier one stop platform in Saharan Africa, for all parties in the water and waste water industry.


The Centre is positioned to showcase the potentials and opportunities in the water and water treatment industry in Africa to the rest of the world, as it brings together the key stakeholders in the water industry – to discuss, share and resolve issues affecting the growth and sustainability of their investments and corporate interests.


The water industry in Africa faces a lot of challenges; unfortunately, those in position of authority have not given this industry the attention and resources it deserves.


The goal of the Pinnacle Water Expo Centre is to give focus and clarity to matters of concern to the water and waste water community in the continent and the global economy at large.


Together with our local and international partners, the Centre will support the continuous development of indigenous service providers and entrepreneurs in the water and waste water business through advocacy, mentoring, training and networking.


We enjoined you or your organization to be a part of this movement for sustainable water security in Africa.

Think Pinnacle Water Expo Centre!    Think Water!! …Think Life!!!


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