The Pinnacle Water Expo Centre, registered in Nigeria, is an independent private sector initiative, to showcase the potentials and opportunities in the water and water treatment industry of Africa to the rest of the world.

The Centre serves as common platform for stakeholders in the water industry to discuss, share and resolve issues affecting the growth and sustainability of their investments and corporate interests.

The water industry in Africa faces a lot of challenges; unfortunately those in position of authority have given it the appropriate attention and resources. The goal of the Centre is to give focus and clarity to matters of the water and waste water community in the continent and the global economy at large.

The Centre is structure to facilitate water industry projects and campaigns, working with MDAs, CSOs and international development partners to improve access to clean water as well as effective management of waste water in our cities and communities.


  • To provide the enabling environment for effective showcasing of our client’s products, brands and services.
  • To promote and represent the interests of the water and waste water industry, within and beyond Africa.
  • To encourage efforts aimed at elevating the quality and products in the water industry.
  • To work with stakeholders to influence policies and issues of concern to the water and waste water industry.
  • To support capacity building initiatives for the growth of the water industry through innovation and technology.
  • To engage in profitable ventures that will expand the water and waste water industry in Africa and globally.
• Water Advocacy Campaigns
 • Pinnacle International Water Expo
• Pinnacle International Radio + TV Show
• Water Analysis
• Training & Education (Pinnacle Learning Centre)
• Manufacturer’s Representative
 • Consultancy Services

To provide quality service that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed clients, partners and stakeholders, and effectively showcases our services within and beyond Africa.


To build strong and rewarding relations with our clients, partners and stakeholders in line with our core values of: –

o Integrity

o Efficiency

o Consistency

o Transparency

o Hard-work

o Respect


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